24 Januari 2018

Growlers to Deploy Overseas for International Exercise for the First Time

24 Januari 2018

RAAF EA-18G Growler ( all photos : Jaryd Stock)

Four EA-18G Growler aircraft and crews from Number 6 Squadron at RAAF Base Amberley are preparing to deploy on their first international exercise.

Around 340 Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) personnel will deploy to Nevada to train in the world’s most complex air combat environment during Exercise Red Flag 18-1 from 29 January - 16 February.

The RAAF personnel will support and participate in missions during the premier air combat exercise alongside counterparts from the US and the UK, reconstructing a modern and complex battlespace.

Deputy Exercise Director and RAAF Task Group Headquarters Commander, Group Captain Tim Alsop, said Red Flag is the pinnacle of advanced air warfare training.

"Every year the RAAF is invited to participate in Red Flag, we gain so much as an organisation in terms of how we train and also how we operate as a deployed force in a multi-national environment," GPCAPT Alsop said.

"The Growlers’ overseas deployment of to a multi-national exercise of this scale, a mere year after having been transferred to No. 6 Squadron, is an important milestone for both Air Combat Group and RAAF."

An AP-3C Orion and an E-7A Wedgetail Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft will also participate in Red Flag, along with a Control and Reporting Centre from 41 Wing to support airborne personnel and aircraft.

"During the exercise, participants will practice planning and executing day- and night-time missions, using large numbers of aircraft and ground systems, co-ordinated to overcome a considerable simulated adversary," said GPCAPT Alsop.

"This includes a range of air power roles for RAAF personnel, from air superiority and strike; and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to electronic warfare. It provides a comprehensive training environment for aircrew, maintenance and support personnel alike."

Established in 1980 by the US Air Force, Exercise Red Flag provides personnel with an opportunity to experience a complex, modern and dynamic combat landscape.

"This exercise is about understanding our international partners, how we train and communicate together and further strengthening our interoperability and preparedness for real-time operations," GPCAPT Alsop said.

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23 Januari 2018

Indonesia Asked for Pricing for an Additional 48 F-16 Aircraft

23 Januari 2018

Indonesia need three additional fighter squadron (48 aircraft) to covers all archipelago (image : Lockheed Martin)

Indonesia looks to U.S. to relax limits on its special forces

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia said on Tuesday it was pinning its hopes on U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to help ease American limitations on ties with an elite Indonesian special forces unit, imposed over human rights abuses in the 1990s.

The United States announced in 2010 that it had lifted its outright ban on U.S. military contacts with the Indonesian special forces unit, known as Kopassus, which was accused of rights abuses in East Timor as it prepared for independence.

But legal restrictions meant to ensure the U.S. military does not become entangled with rights abusers prevented contacts with Kopassus from advancing beyond preliminary levels, U.S. officials say.

“For a while there have been sanctions against Kopassus ... (Mattis) will try to remove this,” Indonesian Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu told reporters in Jakarta, following talks with the U.S. defense chief.

“One of the sanctions is clearly that they are not allowed to go to America. They can’t do training together, and he will reopen this.”

Mattis expressed hope for deepening defense ties with Indonesia but he did not directly address Kopassus in his remarks to the press after talks with Ryacudu in Jakarta.

U.S. officials told reporters traveling with Mattis that they were exploring possible ways to expand contact with Kopassus, while complying with U.S. law.

Currently Indonesia operates 34 F-16 A/B and C/D series (photo : Sasak)

North Natuna Sea

Mattis’ trip came as Indonesia, a vast archipelago of 17,000 islands, appears increasingly ready to assert its sovereignty in the contested South China Sea.

Indonesia has clashed with China over fishing rights around the Natuna Islands, detaining Chinese fishermen and expanding its military presence in the area in recent years.

In July, Indonesia renamed the northern reaches of its exclusive economic zone in the South China Sea as the North Natuna Sea, a move seen as a significant act of resistance to China’s territorial ambitions in the South China Sea.

Mattis seized upon Indonesia’s name for the waterway as he praised the country’s strategic maritime reach, calling the country “a maritime fulcrum of the Indo-Pacific area.”

“It’s critical,” Mattis said of Indonesia.

“We can help maintain maritime domain awareness in the South China Sea, the North Natuna Sea. This is something that we look forward to doing.”

Addiional F-16 aircraft

The United States is one of Indonesia’s top arms suppliers, recently delivering Boeing’s Apache helicopters and 24 of Lockheed Martin’s F-16 fighter jets. But Indonesia also buys arms from U.S. rivals, including Russia.

U.S. officials said Indonesia asked for pricing for an additional 48 F-16 aircraft, a deal which could be worth $4.5 billion. But Indonesia played down any imminent purchase and suggested it was still evaluating how many more aircraft it needed.

Ryacudu said Indonesia would buy weaponry when it “has the money.”

“We only just bought F16s and everything. In (the) future there will definitely be (more purchases) because, as the years go by, there are things that must be replaced,” he said.


Singapore Reveals Delivery Date for First Airbus Tanker

23 Januari 2018

First Airbus A330 MRTT Singapore Air Force (photo : Jujug Spotting)

MELBOURNE, Australia — Singapore will take delivery of its first Airbus Defence and Space A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport later this year, as the country’s Air Force celebrates its 50th anniversary.

According to a news release issued by Singapore’s Defence Ministry detailing events and activities that the Republic of Singapore Air Force will hold to mark the anniversary, the A330 MRTT will make its first public appearance at a parade on Sept. 1, the date the service was formed in 1968 as the Singapore Air Defence Command.

Am Air Force spokesperson told Defense News that the exact date of the aircraft’s arrival is still being finalized and more details will be announced closer to the event.

The latest photos of the aircraft — taken at Toulouse, France, in November 2017 during the testing and evaluation phase following the conversion to the tanker configuration — show it still in its tan primer and not yet painted in the Air Force’s colors.

Singapore announced its order of six A330 MRTTs in March 2014 to recapitalize its fleet of midair refueling tankers. The Air Force currently operates a fleet of four Boeing KC-135R Stratotankers, acquired and refurbished in 2000 from stored ex-U.S. Air Force airframes.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force also has about five of its 10 Lockheed Martin C-130B/H Hercules airlifters plumbed for the tanker role, although they are no longer used in this role, as the Air Force currently does not operate aircraft equipped for refueling by probe.

The first Air Force A330 MRTT will be delivered in what is known as the MRTT Enhanced configuration, featuring a package of aerodynamic improvements, structural modifications and avionics updates over the previous baseline military variant. France and South Korea will also be receiving their A330 MRTTs in this standard.


Harris to Support Philippine Military C4ISTAR System Delivery Under Navy FMS Deal

23 Januari 2018

Harris will deliver C2 system to AFP (photo : ADS)

A Harris subsidiary has received a $44.8 million contract to assist the U.S government in efforts to deliver command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance equipment to the Philippine military.

Harris’ RF Communications business will design, engineer and test a joint command and control system of systems for the armed forces of the Philippine under the foreign military sales contract from the U.S. Navy, the Defense Department said Friday.

Work is scheduled to occur through December 2020 and also includes program management along with post-installation test, training and maintenance services.

The Philippines will receive a Global Command and Control System – Maritime designed to integrate and disseminate information across the AFP’s multiple service-specific headquarters.

DoD noted the U.S. will also equip AFP command centers with satellite communications and microwave communications platforms in an effort to establish a unified interconnection between military C2 assets in the Philippines.

The Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command will obligate $40.3 million in FMS funds to finance base services under the sole-source contract.


Lagi, Kemhan Uji Kembali Prototipe Rudal Petir

23 Januari 2018

Prototipe rudal Petir yang diuji coba (photo : Kemhan)

Puslitbang Alpalhan Melaksanakan Uji Fungsi Pengembangan Prototipe Rudal Petir di Lanud Gorda Serang

Serang - Balitbang Kemhan dalam hal ini yang terkait Puslitbang Alpalhan melaksanakan uji fungsi pengembangan prototipe rudal petir di Lanud Gorda Desa Lamaran Serang, Banten. Uji fungsi pengembangan prototipe rudal petir disaksikan oleh Ses Balitbang Kemhan Laksma TNI Ir. A. Budiharja Raden, Kabid Matra Laut Puslitbang Alpalhan Balitbang Kemhan Kolonel Laut (KH) Ir. Indra Usmansyah, MM., para pejabat di lingkungan TNI dan Kemhan, Dislitbang AL, Dislitbang AU, dan tim uji coba dari PT. Sari Bahari Malang.

Kegiatan diawali sambutan oleh Ses Balitbang Kemhan Laksma TNI Ir. A. Budiharja Raden, pembacaan doa, dilanjutkan uji fungsi rudal petir dari tim PT. Sari Bahari dan terakhir evaluasi hasil pelaksanaan uji fungsi rudal petir. Pelaksanaan uji fungsi pengembangan prototipe rudal petir ini adalah hasil kerjasama antara Balitbang Kemhan dengan PT. Sari Bahari yang telah melaksanakan uji fungsi prototipe rudal petir yang ke-3. Dalam pelaksanaannya, uji fungsi rudal petir akan dilontarkan dengan platform peluncur dan mendarat dengan menggunakan jaring. Rudal petir ini adalah buatan dan dikembangkan di dalam negeri yang merupakan inovasi dan kemandirian industri pertahanan nasional.

Perlu diketahui bahwa untuk meningkatkan performance rudal petir tersebut telah dilakukan pengembangan diantaranya meningkatkan kecepatan yang diharapkan bisa mencapai 350 km/jam, jarak jangkauan sekitar 80 km, pengembangan sistem kontrol auto pilot dan seeker, pembuatan peluncur rudal serta pengembangan warhead. Scope of work dari pengembangan rudal petir ini dititikberatkan pada peningkatan kecepatan, jarak jangkau, sistem kontrol, dan uji fungsi. Dengan adanya target pengembangan tersebut maka terjadi perubahan air frame.


Fourth Gepard 3.9 Arrived in Cam Ranh

23 Januari 2018

Rolldock Star carrying fourtg Gepard 3.9 frigates (photo : Sputnik)

Marine Page Marine Traffic information has updated position Rolldock Star - Dutch nationality transports ship carrying Gepard missiles frigates of Vietnam.

According to Marine Traffic, the Rolldock Star super-heavy tanker, arrived at the port of Singapore on Jan. 17 and anchored one day for refueling, as well as for logistics.

On the 18th of January, the Rolldock Star departed for the final leg of Vietnam's Cam Ranh Port, arriving at 13 am on Saturday.

As usual, the Rolldock Star will be anchored outside of Cam Ranh Bay until the next morning before being towed into the port on 21 January. The fourth ship of the Vietnam Navy's Gepard 3.9 missile will be unloaded soon after.

As of January 22, the Vietnamese People's Navy has officially received the fourth Gepard 3.9 missile defense and is also the last to be built under a contract signed in October 2012. .

Rosoboronexport then handed over the contract to Zelenodolsk Plant in February 2013. The third warship, the 488th, was launched in late April, and the 487th was launched on 26 May.

On 4/12/2017, the Rolldock Star boarded the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk to transport the 487 Gepard to Vietnam after sending the Gepard-487 to Cam Ranh port safely on Oct. 27. / 2017. 

During the sailing, the Rolldock Star docked in Istanbul on December 6, 2017 and the Gibraltar port area on December 12, 1977 for refueling, after which the ship continued to move to the Atlantic.

After crossing the Cape of Good Hope, the Rolldock Star entered the Indian Ocean, looped back to Indonesia and headed for Singapore safely, less than two days later than originally scheduled (15/01/2018), before at Cam Ranh port on January 20.

With the acquisition of four modern Gepard 3.9 missile guards, the strength of the Vietnamese People's Navy has been raised to a new height, capable of defending the sovereignty of the nation in the new period.

TNI AL Sebar Kapal Patroli ke 14 Lantamal

23 Januari 2018

Satrol Lantamal dapat merespons berbagai kerawanan yang terjadi, antara lain illegal fishing, illegal mining, illegal logging, drugs trafficking, dan people smuggling (photo : defence.pk)

Liputan6.com, Jakarta - TNI Angkatan Laut (TNI AL) resmi melakukan pemisahan komando kapal-kapal Satuan Kapal Patroli (Satrol) kepada 14 Satuan Keamanan Laut (Satkamla) Pangkalan Utama TNI AL (Lantamal) dari Komando Kawasan Armada (Koarmada) Barat dan melantik Komandan Satrol Lantamal lewat sebuah upacara pagi ini. Kapal-kapal itu kini disebar ke 14 Lantamal yang berada di seluruh Indonesia.

KSAL Laksamana TNI Ade Supandi mengatakan, tujuan dari pemisahan komando kapal Satrol untuk meningkatkan efektivitas dan efisiensi jika dibutuhkan reaksi cepat dalam mengamankan wilayah perairan.

Sekaligus, merespons berbagai kerawanan, melakukan operasi keamanan laut, tanggap dalam bencana jika membutuhkan kedatangan kapal patroli tersebut segera.

"Misal ke Natuna, laut Jawa, laut Aru, didukung dari satuan patroli di sana, baru untuk nanti yang terpusat nanti kapal kombatan saja," ucap Ade Supandi sebagai inspektur upacara di Dermaga Sunda Komplek Satuan Koarmabar I, Pondok Dayung, Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Utara, Senin (22/1/2018).

Sebelum dilakukannya pemisahan, jika dibutuhkan respons cepat dari datangnya kapal Satrol, maka harus melewati proses administrasi dan berangkat dari daerah tertentu terlebih dahulu. Waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk tiba di lokasi yang dibutuhkan pun menjadi lebih lama.

"Karena (sebelumnya) terpusat di Surabaya dan Jakarta, kemudian dikerahkan ke laut menunggu lama. Jadi harus ada markas komando Lantamal," ujar Ade.

Kini, Satkamla Lantamal sudah memiliki kapal dan otoritas sendiri untuk menggerakan komando di daerahnya

Tersebarnya kapal Satrol di 14 Lantamal pun otomatis menjadikan pergerakan kapal menjadi lebih cepat untuk tiba di lokasi yang dibutuhkan.

Harapannya, persoalan-persoalan di laut seperti illegal fishing, illegal mining, illegal logging, drugs trafficking dan people smuggling dapat terselesaikan dengan cepat.

"Kalau kita punya seperti di Jayapura, nanti akan lebih mudah untuk oprasi dari laut," kata Ade.

Upacara pemisahan komando kepada 14 Lantamal dan pelantikan Komandan Satrol Lantamal pun berlangsung khidmat. Upacara dihadiri para Pejabat Utama Mabesal dan para Pangkotama TNI AL dengan Komandan Upacara Kolonel Laut (P) Johannes Djanarko Wibowo.

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